Envision Festival

With no personal computer and limited access to internet, I’m having a bit of trouble updating this blog. Today I walked twenty minutes on a hot dusty road to get to the local internet cafe only to find it closed. It was Thursday at 10:30am, no sign on the door, no listing of hours… gotta love Tico Time.

Let’s recap the week…. though I have very little sense of date and time now.

Ian and I attended the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. After backpacking for two weeks in Panama, it felt like a huge shift to be partying with a bunch of Americans and Canadians who flew in specifically for the festival. It felt like we were suddenly transported out of Costa Rica to any random place in California. A chicken truck shuttled costume clad people out to the festival site – a dusty piece of private property skirted by jungle. Many people (including me) were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t actually on the beach (instead, the beach was a five minute walk on a jungle path through a swamp with rumored crocodiles/alligators). False advertising. Anyway, it was sweltering hot. I’ve been to Burning Man before, and I swear this festival felt hotter… must have been the humidity. Day and night I was dripping with sweat. It made it impossible to attend any of the yoga workshops. It didn’t help that the water faucets would unexpectedly stop working, especially since many people were camping there. During the days, we would retreat to shaded waterfalls 30 minutes aways, just for a bit of relief and relaxation. Anyway, beyond those few survival annoyances, the music, dance performances, and workshops were fantastic. A few favorites were Beats Antique, Lunar Fire, Lucent Dossier, The Earth Harp, and others that I never caught the name of.

Honestly, my favorite part of the entire festival was the astounding sense of relief I felt at the end. We found an amazing hostel called Flutterby House. Treehouse bedrooms, hammocks in the shade, local homemade dinners, ice cold beers, really fantastic people, and a quick walk to a deserted beach.

More to come later…. I’m beginning to feel people eying the computer for a turn.


  1. Ah the wonders of traveling…always an unpredictable adventure!

    1. aellickson says:

      Brenna! How’s Ithaca treating you? Any news from grad school yet?

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